Random recommended reading

Seanan McGuire on the way geeky women get dismissed – even by geeky men who don’t know their shit.

NYPD police officers tried to pull a stop-and-frisk … on a black police chief.  Apparently it was all his fault for asking them what the fuck they thought they were doing, instead of cowering appropriately.

Pukkah Punjabi writes in the Guardian about asking the Home Office to send him home – to Willesden Green.

Jan Logie on the gender pay gap, which shockingly a National-led government has done nothing about.

s. e. smith rejects your low-income food challenge situations.  God, it’s good to see someone spell this out so clearly.

Ami Angelwings on the Uncanny Avengers and the problems with a “don’t see differences” philosophy – in comics-about-mutants and real life.

Curiosity has been on Mars for a whole year!  Happy Mars-birthday, Curiosity!  (Yes I know it’s not a real Mars-birthday because it’s an Earth-year, not a Mars-year, but shut up and nerd out.)

Bow down before the omniscient 18-year-old boy.  H/T @thelemonofpink

New Tropes vs Women!


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  1. Chris Miller

    I’ve been thinking about food bills and food challenges and the like recently. I think it started with Shelley Bridgeman but various conversations have kept it in my mind. I might do a post about my recent luxury online shop actually – luxury because the delivery fee if you spend less than a hundred dollars (I don’t even have a hundred dollars left after paying my rent) is over $15! Unfortunately I needed flour, and unless I’m only buying a kilo at a time the prospect of carrying it up the hill to get home again is not exactly thrilling.