Non-random recommended reading: Caitlin Moran

My spoon-recovery notwithstanding, apparently it’s the month to remind people why certain feminist celebs are utter shitheels.  Last week it was Hugo fucking Schwyzer, and this week it’s Caitlin fucking Moran.

The hugest of thanks goes to the people who’ve taken the time and risked the mental harm involved in compiling the following.

I know a lot of people admire Caitlin Moran, and hell, she probably says a lot of shit that needs to be said and has a much bigger platform to say it from than mere ranty bloggers like myself.  But it’s no fucking good being the strong, public voice of white cis hetero women like us if we shit on everyone else.  In doing so we just leave the same shitty power structures in place – and they can be turned back against us any time.

Now, I’m going back to chilling the fuck out.

The below links come with a shitload of trigger warnings.  This is less a post to be read and more a handy resource to be linked the next time someone cites Moran as an icon to be revered.

Caitlin Moran’s homophobia, transphobia, and use of AIDS as a punchline via @jaythenerdkid

Caitlin Moran’s ableism and transphobia via @_surlymermaid, who wants me to drink more

Caitlin Moran shaming Rihanna for her clothing choices, via @thewayoftheid

The editor of Bitch magazine on why she cut an interview with Caitlin Moran.



  1. Psychotic Girl

    I was always bugged by the section in her book where she basically says women have never achieved anything like ‘Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, The Beatles’ blahblahblah since liberation, and then starts searching for feeble feminist excuses for this. When you could just say – Mahatma Gandhi? Aung San Suu Kyi and Aminatou Haida. Albert Einstein? Emmy Noether. The Beatles? Nina Simone hands down for me. Etc. Etc. What is with this shitty feminist lib that insists on painting itself as the first woman to ever achieve anything in a man’s man’s man’s world at the expense of all the others?

    • QoT

      Exactly! And you’d think that that would be a great starting point for a whole other discussion about the erasing of women’s achievements from history … but that would involve people like Caitlin Moran acknowledging that she doesn’t actually know everything about everything.

  2. Psychotic Girl

    I read a great “masculinist manifesto” where the dude tried the usual ‘man invented everything, women should be grateful’ thing by listing ten great men’s achievements: three (language, writing, the wheel) had no known inventor, and one (x-rays) won Marie Curie 2 Nobel Prizes. And this dude was TRYING to list male achievements!
    That sometimes worries me about some branches of feminism – have you ever thought patriarchy might actually be just a sort of Tinkerbell that would die if people stopped believing in it? Are celeb feminists getting so invested in their ballsy ‘one girl standing up’ thing that they don’t bother pointing out that the supremacy they’re standing against is mostly a tissue of lies?

    • QoT

      I think plenty of people spend a lot of time actually challenging patriarchy. For some odd reason though they’re not the ones who get book deals and talk show appearances!