Non-random recommended reading: Hugo Schwyzer

The irony of kind of breaking my break to eyeroll at a creepy mansplaining douchebag breaking his break to make sure we’ve all noticed he’s on a break … is not lost on me.  But I do have to co-sign all the below posts on Hugo fucking Schwyzer.  Make he take an actual break from co-opting feminism for self-promotion any time he likes.

Man quits Internet by Susan Elizabeth Shephard, hat-tip to @carolynedgar

Hugo Schwyzer has “quit the internet” on Storify by @LadySnarksalot

Hugo Schwyzer and the consumption of redemption narratives by Dianna E Anderson


  1. Rhinocrates

    “I had an affair, which is very off-brand for me.”

    I stopped reading there, though I admit that I skimmed another link. Please don’t tell me any more.


    Um, I could say all sorts of thing, like “facepalm” and “i’m incredulous”, but even “zzzz” doesn’t fit.

    OK, I accept that academics have flaws and will have affairs… but why is this a drama that the rest of the world needs to see being twisted into some sort of weird self-justification?

    Personally, I think it’s far more honest to acknowledge one’s mistakes as such rather than try to make them part of some narcissistic drama. Life’s messy, not an opera, and if you’re a dick, that’s not a good reason to award yourself the starring role.

    • QoT

      Unfortunately I think “not making things part of some narcissistic drama” is entirely outside Schwyzer’s capabilities.

  2. James

    Have you seen yet-another interview he gave, published in August 5 in The Real Porn Wiki Leaks. This has been a very long goodbye.

    • QoT

      But you might not have noticed he’s leaving yet! And we all need to understand that he’s leaving. Then he can leave. Unless he’s worried that we might not really appreciate how terrible it is that he’s leaving.

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