Random recommended reading

Editor’s note: and now the links should open in new tabs!  @AnneliseJoy, let me know if it ain’t working.

Deborah Russell on capital gains tax.  Deborah’s a badass feminist who’s eminently qualified to discuss complex economic matters, and thus awesome.

twistedhive on the Labour leadership.  See, you don’t need me to blog when others are saying exactly what I would.

No Right Turn on political apathy.  Same again.

Fat Heffalump asks men if they’re going to be part of the solution, or part of the problem of violence against women.

News with Nipples lays it out one more time for the slow learners on how to report violence, especially sexual violence, without making it sound like magical pixies did it.

Andrew Geddis on the Defence Force’s treatment of journalist John Stephenson.  Fucking co-signed.

This fantastic post sums up the entire issue of women’s (or any marginalized group’s) lack of representation/achievement, and all the usual derailing arguments against affirmative action.

Finally, I know a lot of people have had trouble making it all the way through this terrible, terrible Fox News interview of Reza Aslan – but from the moment he utters the phrase “I am a scholar of religious with four degrees” you know he’s come prepared for their bullshit.


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