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Petite Jasmine was a Swedish woman murdered by her ex, who had denied her access to her children with the complicity of social services, pretty much entirely because she was a sex worker and the “Swedish Model” thus labelled her as crazy and deluded.  You know the smug saying about how we can’t keep treating people like victims because then they’ll never help themselves?  Maybe we should stop treating people like victims when it turns them into literal victims.

Charlotte Cooper has figured out how to take the weight cycling industry down:

I’ve saved the best until last: low cost alternatives mean that people don’t buy in to weight loss. This means that every fat clothes swap, swim, get-together, conference, party, yoga class, zine, or whatever, that you organise, no matter how small, takes apart the weight loss industry. Low cost alternatives, the bedrock of fat activism, directly threaten weight loss industry profits. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, because it needs repeating: they need us a lot more than we need them.

Must-read: Stella Young on why the involuntary sterilisation of children with disabilities must end.

Fat Heffalump names Kevin Rudd’s attack on refugees as an Australian day of shame. “Hussein” writes about his “boatpeople” story in The Guardian.  DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS.

@DrJaneChi lays it all down about why abortions are not surgery – which is why the bill Wendy Davis filibustered against is so shitty.

Teach your daughters to say “fuck off”.  And consider as you read this whether our godawful version of that site, “Essential Mums”, would have published something so radical.

I don’t know what’s worse about this heavily-massaged anti-strike email from IKEA: the smug spin, or the fact they refer to employees as “co-workers”.

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