Random recommended reading

If there are 33% women in a group, men perceive that group as being majority women.  More on our ever-so-slightly biased perception at Gradient Lair.

Great quote from Manboobz about why MRAs push back against anti-rape campaigns:

I don’t think that MRAs are really concerned about false accusations. If they were, they would be working with groups like the Innocence Project that actually help men (and women) who have been wrongly convicted for crimes they didn’t commit.

No, it seems to me that what they’re really worried about is true accusations.

MRAs, with these posters, and with their endless whinging about the alleged complexities of sexual consent, are trying to push back against the date rape awareness campaigns of the last several decades. MRAs and PUAs like to pretend that consent is a complicated and weirdly arbitrary thing — something that women decide to bestow or not to bestow on a whim, and that women sometimes like to retract after the fact.

Why don’t we get awesome working-class comedies like Roseanne any more?  Oh, because they contain too much uncomfortable truth.

Check out this incredibly sexy breakdown of movies vs. the Bechdel test.

Deborah’s article on the religious extremism of Dr Joseph Lee is well worth a read.

Ruby Hamad is rightfully annoyed at yet another white woman deciding to appropriate the convenient bits of Muslim women’s experience for personal ~enlightenment~ (H/T Hoyden About Town.)  White chicks:  don’t do that shit.



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