Random recommended reading

Giovanni’s piece on the latest round of beggar-bashing is a must-read.

Marion Bartoli is the Wimbledon women’s champ.  And she’s not every dudebro’s fap-fantasy of a tennis player.  Roll out the vile internet misogyny.

Dustin Hoffman had an epiphany when making Tootsie, and it’s still a powerful idea today.

11-year-old girl denied access to a museum because her wheelchair might make the carpet dirty.  But don’t worry, they played the “oh, that was totally just one douchebag employee who misunderstood the policy!” card.

Mick Foley and The Daily Show are always a winning combination.  (Comedy Central’s buggy streaming less so.)

How’s about we stop hating on “millennials”?  Break the cycle of “kids these days” bullshit, people.

Joshua Drummond is a god amongst men, and he’s here to warn you about the incoming feministpocalypse.

How cool are these Atlases of True Names?  If anyone needs me I’ll be in my language-nerd bunk.


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  2. Hugh

    The Atlas of True Names certainly looks nice but a lot of it is bollocks. “China” does not mean “Riceland”, its a transliteration of the Qin dynasty. The Chinese word for “rice” is “mi”. Sri Lanka means “Resplendent Island”, which is a bit closer to the purported meaning, but still incorrect. “Pakistan” means “Land of the Pure”. The etymology of “Thai” as meaning “free” is quite a common error, but still incorrect – “Thai” is simply a specific ethnic group’s word meaning “person” or “people”, so it should be “People-Land”.

    And so on, and so on.