Perfect antichoice hypocrisy

We baby-hating prochoicers often make the argument that people who are anti-abortion seem to care so much about a foetus, and so little for a baby.

Turns out, they don’t actually care about a foetus either.  Not if its mother needs prenatal care funded by the state.  Just as long as they can force her to stay pregnant.

You couldn’t wish for a better illustration of their real motives.  Just look at Rep. Jodie Laubenberg insisting that she is the most “pro-life” person in the Texas State Senate, literally as she denies necessary healthcare to pregnant people.


  1. Chris Miller

    Interesting (for certain definitions) comment a few down, one of the ones highlighted with an orange background, saying that you can’t have it both ways – if it’s a life before it’s born it should get healthcare. But it goes on to say that if it’s not a life and can be aborted then it shouldn’t get healthcare.

    Um… no. No, that’s not how it works. For starters, pregnant people still get healthcare, and while they’re pregnant, any health problems the foetus has will affect them and thus need to be treated. The treatment could be an abortion. Or it could be medical intervention that will result in a healthy or healthier child, once it’s born. Which, you know, is also important in terms of future health spending. The issue seems to me to just be a matter of which health program funds healthcare for pregnant people – in the article it’s the CHIP program for children, which makes some sense as I believe it covers more of the uninsured children than equivalent programs do for adults? And you kind of want kids (and wanted foetuses!) to have healthcare because it has such a huge impact on the rest of their lives. If you’re going to have limited healthcare, you at least want to make vulnerable people a priority.

    • QoT

      Either we want ALL the babies dead or we want NO babies dead. There is no in-between option, and acting like individual people’s circumstances may be different/personal/unique sounds like communism to me.