Government to use private thugs to force sick people into work

You’d think that would be the headline, wouldn’t you?  Instead of “Govt will pay to shift mentally ill into work“.  That makes it sound far nicer.  It’s just a shift!  Not a private-sector jackboot up your ass if you’re evil enough to have messy brain chemistry issues.

I’ve seen a lot of people point out that this is basically what the government has tried to do in the UK, with predictable, horrific, corrupt results.

I just have a few questions.

What magical powers do these organisations have which mean for a mere $12,000 they can find suitable fulltime work for a mentally unwell/non-neurotypical person – which WINZ isn’t able to find them?

Or is it just convenient to get a private provider – who is presumably not subject to the OIA – to kick vulnerable people onto the streets so there’s no official paper trail of why and what happens to them?

Who are the companies making $12,000 for each ill person they force into work?  Who owns shares in them?

What are the criteria used to determine if a job is a good, sustainable job?  Or don’t we give a fuck?

Do they have to give any of the money back if a mentally ill person kills themselves?  Or do they get a bonus?


  1. Frank Macskasy

    Question #1: Where are the jobs?

    Keep asking the same question ad infinitum.

    ‘Cos really, this is going to PISS OFF a lot of employers when a few tens of thousand people with mental disabilities turn up on their doorsteps.

    • NickS

      Oh they’re there, they’re just the ones that cause problems due to the physical fatigue depression causes, or night shift hours that lead unto sleep-deprivation triggered depressive episodes…

    • QoT

      Oh, I’m sure some wonderful entrepreneurial types will appear to take advantage of the opportunity …

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