Your search terms answered

I saw a few odd items popping up in my search terms, so as a beneficent internet goddess I thought I should answer them.  Let’s start with a tricky one:

how can i tell if a girl enjoys sex

Alas, dear question-asker, this is a mystery for the ages.  Girls, and their evolved form, women, are strange and enigmatic beings.  They do not speak as we humans speak, nor express their feelings in clear body language as we humans do, because they are entirely composed of a pink scented mist.

To truly discover if a particular female beast enjoys sex, you must take a single strand of her hair and use it as the tripwire of a log deadfall trap deep in the woods where hobgoblins are known to roam.  Once you have killed a hobgoblin of breeding age, harvest its moustache and use this as a shaving foam brush on the night of the next new moon.  If you nick yourself shaving, she may or may not enjoy sex, and you must treat her like a human being and fucking ask her, or, if you are not actually sexually involved with her, mind your own fucking business.

On to slightly easier questions:

the main function of the clitoris

Being amazing.

are you serious?


any of the mythbusters team married

Accio Wikipedia!

who is miriam grossman

A lying, anti-sex douchebag.

who thinks transexuals are full of shit?

Transphobic asshats.


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