The Catholic extremists are coming: lock up your brains

Family Life International are opening a “John Paul II Centre for Life” in Dunedin.

This raises the number of antichoice centres they run, which prey on vulnerable pregnant people, to three.

You may be fooled into thinking that they’re open-minded and compassionate towards pregnant people in difficult situations, but you’d be wrong.  They’re very good at hiding it, of course; they even mention abortion on their website, (because it’s so unusual for a pregnant person to feel worried).

Of course, they don’t refer you for abortion services – a fact which is no longer apparently on their website, despite showing up on Google:

antichoice bs

So if you are actually pregnant, worried, and wanting to get an abortion, they’re just another obstacle in the way, another set of people to have to deal with, and that’s all assuming that they aren’t a lying, judgemental bunch of religious asshats.

Overseas experience would not favour this idea.

There is a common misconception, happily promoted by Western media, that anti-choicers and pro-choicers are opposite ends of the spectrum.  They oppose abortion, ergo we must love abortion.  This misconception allows setups like pregnancy “crisis” centres to flourish, because they’re seen as providing some kind of balance to the Family Planning and Planned Parenthood organisations out there.  You’ve got your pro-choice centres, they say, so we’re just putting forward our point of view.

Which is all fine and dandy until you remember that the pro-choice point of view is PRO CHOICE.  We want pregnant people to have all available options.  We want people to be able to access contraception and education and be empowered by society to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Anti-choicers are driven by one thing:  stopping pregnant people getting abortions.

They will say they want to support families.  They will say they want to support stressed-out pregnant people.  But at the end of the day, they want to support families not to have abortions and they want to support stressed-out pregnant people as long as they don’t have abortions.  They want to play on the completely normal anxiety pregnant people feel – especially pregnant people in difficult circumstances – get them in the door, and love-bomb them into CHOOSING LIFE.  At which point they can just fuck off.

That is their goal.  Any benefit they bring to the community they operate it is completely incidental to it.


And while we’re on the topic, let’s revisit the idea that the Catholic Church is all about life.  Right up until it’s down to you vs preserving their precious paternalistic control over [assumed] female fertility.


  1. megpie71

    I’d be a lot more inclined to believe more of the “right to life” types if they were at least willing to accept the consequences of their arguments, and do things like campaign for more government funding for schools, more money for child health centres, more services to support single parents and prevent family breakdowns, and more services to help and aid families in general. However for the vast majority, it seems their interest in the life of a potential human being stops as soon as that potential becomes actualised and turns into a real baby, needing things like food, shelter, and a supportive family to raise it to adulthood. I’d be willing to give their arguments about the sanctity of life a lot more credibility if they were basically bashing on the government’s door saying “tax me more”, or actually offering things like house space, clothing, food, or similar to families who are being disadvantaged by their actions in attempting to restrict access to abortion.

    There is no clearer indication of the outright mendacity of their position than the way they are willing to callously abandon newborn children to poverty, neglect and possibly abuse – all in the name of “personal responsibility”. All in the name of punishing women for the crime of having sex.

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