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A really interesting video via Escher Girls on the male gaze in media.

Jan Logie MP is fighting the good fight on pay equity, an issue John Key still doesn’t give a fuck about.

If you’re a fan of YouTube makeup tutorials, and feminism, and snark, then I highly recommend this Feminist Makeup Tutorial.  If your response is to complain that makeup-related humour is destroying feminism, you are invited to read my previous posts on the topic on your way out.

Silver bullets against bacteria.  Kinda literally.

Jinan Younis started a feminist society at her school.  She writes in The Guardian about the sadly predictable abuse which followed.

NRT notes that the Government has agreed to put the governmental banking contract out to tender.  In my heart of hearts I’m plugging for a Kiwibank/TSB collaborative tender winning … but let’s be serious, in a year’s time it’s going to be business as usual dressed up as an affirmation of the world-leading service and integrated face:face customer experience prioritisation that Westpac steals our tax dollars to pay for.

Kickstarter unfortunately allowed a rape manual to get funded.  But now they’re making amends.  So no gold star, but no lump of coal either.

More backlash against Christine “let them eat Weetbix” Rankin and The Vote’s poverty-denying episode from Phoebe Fletcher at TDB.

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