Random recommended Queen’s Birthday reading

Morgan Godfery and marty mars on the petty, racist cartoons in the Marlborough Express / Christchurch Press.  Newsflash, editor of the Marlborough Express: neither “all attention is good attention” nor “we just want to create discussion” applies.

Diane Revoluta also has a fantastic sum-up of the problems with the Marlborough Express.  I’m particularly fond of:

Sorry to all of you down at the Malborough Express, that hub of hard-hitting and news-breaking journalists, but you are not the first ones to come up with this stereotype: the idea that if someone is overweight it’s because they’re some kind of wild and depraved animal that can’t keep themselves from devouring anything within a 100-metre radius is, ironically, one of the laziest stereotypes out there.

Tremaine McMillan, a fourteen-year-old teen of colour was choked and cuffed by Miami-Dade police because he looked at them funny.

A 22-year-old mother of one known as Beatriz is probably going to die, because the Supreme Court of El Salvador has declared it would be illegal to abort the anencephalitic foetus inside her.  That is, a foetus with no brain which will, if it survives the birth (which will almost certainly kill her) live maybe a few hours.

Hey, I’m sure it’s what Jesus would have done.

Update:  El Salvador’s health department has now okayed a C-section for Beatriz.  Let’s all be thankful that a different authority figure was able to make the decision for her instead of letting her and her obviously-irresponsible doctors figure it out.  *eyeroll*

Metiria Turei on the Air-New-Zealand-are-a-bunch-of-culture-appropriating-racist-fucks story asks, Does our country really hate us?

It’s not safe for our kids in their own country. And so our kids respond as anyone would who lives with daily hostility against their very existence: they rebel, they leave and they kill themselves.

queer-punk on Tumblr (via Redefining Body Image) lays it down on the bullshit levelled against Angelina Jolie.

Patrick Stewart is a total goddamn hero.  Here’s him talking about violence against women.  Now I have to go get something out of my eye.  Any other DS9 fans think it’s so goddamned sad/powerful/amazing that the question-asker was (I read it as) cosplaying Dax at the time?

New Tropes vs Women in Video Games!