Random recommended reading

You may note a drop in posting rates recently at Ideologically Impure – basically, I hit my limit for blogging on a daily basis at about the 4 month mark, which is hardly shabby.  Things will soon be up and running again, but currently my brain needs some heavy downtime.

Go read these fine folks instead!

marty mars perfectly outlines the circular argument bullshit spun by trolls in I don’t tolerate race baiters.

Six scientists snubbed due to sexism.  Because acknowledging their contributions might’ve shaken up people’s assumptions, and we can’t have that.

Submit some awesome t-shirt ideas to the Prochoice Highway.

An epic post on Bringing Back Wonder Woman at Crunk Feminist Collective.



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  2. Treason Seditio

    Fair enough that you’re taking a break. Can I just say how much I enjoy your posts; your perspective, your sarcasm, it all makes me laugh and feel less cynical at the same time.