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The hotel operators who refused service to a lesbian couple have decided to double down on their bigotry by making out like they’re latter-day martyrs for the cause of Traditional Family Values.  Louisa Wall brings the two-by-four of legal reality.

Commander Chris Hadfield is a total badass.  Here’s some of his most badass photos from his time aboard the International Space Station, being a badass.  FOR SCIENCE.

Beware the sex-work “rescue” industry.  Often, it’s oppressing sex workers a hell of a lot more than participating in sex work did.

Drugs are bad, mmkay?  So terribly, terribly bad that the New Zealand taxpayer is giving money to fucking Scientologists to preach their dangerous, ludicrous shit to our teenagers.  Hey, it’s better than having them smoke dope, isn’t it?

Idiot/Savant has the 411 on how to make a submission on the GCSB Bill.  That is, assuming the listed email address works.

Andrea Jones was denied the right to change her gender on her driver’s licence, so she got herself arrested for indecent exposure – because hey, the state of Tennessee’s going to have to decide one way or the other.

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