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Brittany Mann from Critic magazine spent some time with the Dunedin antichoice protest thugs.  Quote of the day:

I asked him what Voice for Life does, apart from protesting abortions. “Not a lot,” said Les, unabashed. “It used to be called SPUC – Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. But it got mocked.”

Truly, sometimes I cry myself to sleep at night about the fact they’re not called SPUC any more.  The memes write themselves.

Must-read – with trigger warnings for sexual abuse – on Elizabeth Smart’s campaign against judgey abstinence-only sex “education”.

Mexican archbishop admits that he thinks abortion is a worse crime than priests raping children.  It’s one of those, “I’m not really surprised you think this, I’m surprised you’re bullish enough to admit it” things.

Charles Ramsey is a hero, and yet he shouldn’t be, because society shouldn’t make it so normal to ignore [what looks on the surface like] domestic violence.  But of course he’s a man of colour speaking a type of English which gets coded as unintelligent and mock-worthy, so of course he’s been reduced to a meme.  Thanks, racism!

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