Antichoicer lies 1

A good sign that you’re reading something spun out of whole cloth by a lying misogynist jerk (anti-abortion or MRA varieties) is when you Google the quote they’re waving around and every single site that pops up is an antichoice (or MRA) site which uses identical punctuation and provides identical – inaccurate – citations.

It’s almost like antichoicers (and MRAs) have no genuine arguments to make and just copy-paste each other’s lies.

Case in point:  two quotes “from Margaret Sanger” circulated most recently by Right to Control Your Uterus.

First, a disclaimer:  Margaret Sanger held a number of views which are abhorrent, about people with disabilities, about people of colour, about eugenics.  There is a huge body of work about why views like hers contribute to a very well-founded distrust of the medical establishment by marginalized groups.

But let’s not kid ourselves.  Antichoicers do not bring up Margaret Sanger’s racism and ableism because they actually care.  They bring it up because they believe (a) that everyone has the same obsequious attitude towards authority that they do and (b) that this somehow discredits all arguments in favour of reproductive freedom (and (c) that if they just scream “YOU’RE A NAZI!!!” loudly enough they don’t have to worry about the complete baselessness of their own rhetoric).

Today I’m dealing with quote 1, which is the easiest, since it appears to be 100% bullshit.

Quote 1: Total world sexy domination

[Our objective is] unlimited sexual gratification without the burden of unwanted children

Usually cited as something like:

The Woman Rebel, Volume I, Number 1. Reprinted in Woman and the New Race. New York: Brentanos Publishers, 1922.

Sources: one, two, etc etc etc

Well, unfortunately, I’ve read this scan of The Woman Rebel Volume 1, Number 1 a few times now, and wouldn’t you know it, it isn’t there.  The word “gratification” doesn’t appear at all in Woman and the New Race according to the text on Project Gutenberg, and while “unlimited” and “sexual” do, they are not in any similar context.

I haven’t pored over these texts for days, of course, but that just goes to show you that lying scum like Ken Orr can’t even be bothered to take fifteen minutes to Google things before reproducing them.

Next time on QoT’s Amazing World of Fact-Checking Antichoice Lies: We ❤ Baby Murder!

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  1. Dan

    I am always curious when reactionaries invoke the racism inherent in a position they react against and I wonder where else their ethnic progressiveness shows itself. I’m no scientician, but I’m willing to bet ‘never’ unless it is racism that personally impacts upon them.