Antichoicer math

Drawn from this press release by Right to Impose Fundamentalist Christian Despotism.

Number of times a foetus is referred to as though it exists in a vacuum and not inside and dependent on the body of a living breathing thinking person: five

Number of times people who have abortions are referred to as victims, or people on whom abortion is performed: three

Number of times people who have abortions are acknowledged to be human beings with lives, souls, and decision-making abilities: zero

Number of times RTL considers the possibility that Family Planning may be offering early abortion services in Tauranga / the Bay of Plenty because there is demand for those services: zero

Number of dishonestly-quoted Margaret Sanger citations copy-pasted from American antichoice literature?  Both of them.  More on that later.

Number of bloggers rendered a little nauseous by the insincere, cissexist “oh but we have to protect delicate, misguided women!!!” rhetoric: me.