Random recommended reading

Jan Logie MP puts it plain and simple on Julian Savea and yet another case of our rugby overlords being misogynist shits.

Atheist Pinko Sluts Monthly reminds us that the Vatican is also full of misogynist shits.

That patently-poor study about not wearing bras?  Not even a study, or at least, not one published in any format that allows us to properly examine its integrity.

Follow the Prochoice Highway.  And buy some badges.  It is your destiny.

The funniest thing about the SPCS’ highly incoherent post on Maurice Williamson is that it uses the tag “Humour as a weapon”.  The close runner-up is the rest of the post.  And seriously, how telling is it when a conservative group thinks the “most memorable line” of Gangnam Style is the “hey sexy lady” bit?

Colin Craig: literally a party of one.  (Yes I know the Conservatives have hundreds of members – it’s a requirement of being a registered political party – but come on.)

Fuck No, Healthism! is a new Tumblr which I look forward to seeing more from.

Whitewashing and manwashing in films.  Because it’s not about “you want every character to be a queer woman of colour with a disability”; it’s about all movies overall being saturated with white dudes.



  1. Simone Lindner

    Haha @ the SPCS link; there are nine renditions of “the most enormously big” in it, in bold type. You could almost see the spittle coming off the screen. And the “Degenerate Company” – OMG soooo clever, have never seen such wit used in mocking Ellen by a RWCNJ before. Like EVAH.

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