Random recommended reading

Recent reporting on a study which “proved” bras “don’t work” seriously annoyed me.  GBaaFI breaks down why.

To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang.

Let us remember Margaret Thatcher as she was: a homophobic would-be ethnic cleanser.

Gender (and race)-bending Doctor Who cosplay is the best thing ever.  Though I’m totally tempted to psycho-analyse people based on which doctor they choose (unless for obvious appearance-related reasons, like the 6 who has the perfect hair for it).

Macrons in .iwi.nz web addresses!  Badass.  Though this reminds me I still haven’t adjusted my keyboard to make it easier to type them …

My god I love science.  Who would’ve thought wringing out a wet washcloth in zero-g would be this fucking awesome?

In case you haven’t seen them, here’s a link from No Right Turn with links to the voting sheets for the 3rd reading of the marriage equality bill.

Deborah Russell talked rape culture on National Radio.  Be prepared for slight eye-rolling at Bryan Crump’s “but no guy *I* know would do that!!!” defensiveness towards the end.


  1. Chris Miller

    I love that half the criticism of the bra thing is “seriously, you’re testing for perkiness?” Way to show what’s really important about women’s breasts.

    • QoT

      Yeah, I was just waiting and waiting and WAITING for some kind of “we found x change in the breast tissue” or “we observed y development in the muscles/ligaments of the chest” but nope, “your nipples will look totes sexier” was the pinnacle of their findings.

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  3. ObjectiveReality

    Macrons are actually kinda important for my day job, as I not-uncommonly get Maori language music CDs to playlist. Windows 7 doesn’t seem to want to let me use ’em though.