Bob McCoskrie: content thieving for great justice

As highlighted by Coley Tangerina – whose post on polyamory was lifted wholesale from The Daily Blog and reproduced with paltry attribution (a summary of TDB bloggers which doesn’t name her, and a link to the original post all the way at the bottom) – Bob McCoskrie, moral crusader, is a big ol’ content thief.

Now, if I wanted to write a post about how polyamory is the next (scary!!!) step in the marriage equality campaign, and I wanted to cite Coley’s post, I might write something like:

As Coley has argued:

[quote from Coley’s post]

And I think this is right on / silly / terrifying / a sign of the end times etc.

But not Bob.  No, Bob is far too busy to actually outline his own arguments or anything, he’s just going to copy-paste someone else’s hard-wrought words and assume that his sheep-like fanbase will be able to connect the OMG!!!! POLYGAMY!!! dots for themselves.

I mean, it’s exactly what he’s done in the first two parts of this series of posts.  And he doesn’t even have comments enabled, from what I can tell, so it’s clearly not a case of “giving” his audience the opportunity to discuss the topic in a safe not-filled-with-scary-liberals space.

The sum total of his contribution to the discussion is to rewrite the headline to “Of course polygamy is next” and include a screenshot from Big Love, because despite Coley’s original post being quite obviously about a broad definition of polyamory, Bob and his buddies have to instantly jump to Mormon polygyny so the scare tactics work better.

In fact, of the last 20 posts on McCoskrie’s “blog”, seventeen are simply other people’s work reproduced in full with links to the original stapled on the end and Bob’s “thoughts” summarised by the headline.  (The best ones are the screenshots of articles on news sites like the BBC … perhaps so it’s harder for them to detect the content theft?)

Two are Family First media releases, which would be kind of like me making a blog post entirely in the third person.  Queen of Thorns, total babe, described this type of blogging as “doing it wrong.”

QoT went on to ask, “Can anyone explain to me why this man has any credibility at all?”

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