Random recommended reading

Tomorrow evening Wellington Rape Crisis are holding a panel discussion on rape culture at the Southern Cross in Te Aro.

Keri Henare clears up the adoption issues around marriage equality.

Do some online activism – use Rachel’s handy guide to complaining about a shitty, dishonest Family First Marriage Pledge ad.

Paid parental leave is a human right, not an employment right! – Laila Harre

I declare the internet has been won (again) by @beardedgenius, who has broken down Margaret Thatcher for the One Direction generation.

I love Burnt Out Teacher’s post on queer kids at school.

Even positive mentions of a woman’s appearance damages people’s opinions of her.  Science!  (If, you know, several decades of feminist thought about objectification hadn’t clued you in.)

Cat Pause on headless fatties at Mumbrella.  DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ THE COMMENTS. H/T @awesomefrances

Tax cheats.  Possibly a slightly bigger problem than benefit fraudsters.  But I would say that, I’m a dirty hippie.