Antichoicers protest too much. Again

So, Right to Own You Life has objected to ALRANZ’s criticism of the latest attack against healthcare providers in New Zealand, because, as I’ve literally never mentioned before, there is absolutely no connection between the antichoice movement and violence.







But ignoring those pesky little facts, I want to demonstrate today just how much they are taking the piss, by referring to RTL’s own defensive little media release on the topic.

In just one text, RTL:

  • Refers to the Auckland Medical Aid Centre as “a private killing centre
  • Tries to excuse the recent attack as an act of “frustration” (gee, where have we heard that before?)
  • Says abortion is “inflicted” on women (and ordinarily I’d correct that to “pregnant people”, but bear with me)
  • States ALRANZ is using the attack to “distract attention away from … very real violence
  • Asks:

Why should the community value and support those who in violation of their medical ethics inflict violence against helpless women and a violent death to their precious unborn?

  • Says doctors and nurses working at AMAC have “the blood of the innocent on their hands” and are “involved with the killing of the innocent”

… all while claiming they “deplore” the attack and simply cannot fathom how anyone could possibly be inspired to acts of violence by their rhetoric.

Are you serious bro?

Are you serious bro?

The antichoice movement specialises in hitting cultural buttons like “women need to be protected” and “everyone loves babies”.  They consistently dehumanize medical professionals as evil, lying, immoral people bent on “killing the innocent” for shits and giggles.  They try to make you sympathize with someone who has cut the fuel line of a nurse’s car by saying maybe he just felt like he had no choice.

Given the propositions:

  1. Human life is the most sacred thing ever
  2. People who perform/have abortions aren’t really human at all

They really want to act surprised when someone reaches the conclusion, “It’s not really a crime to hurt abortion providers” or indeed “It’s morally good to hurt abortion providers”?

Pull the other one, Ken.


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