Antichoicers are terrorists

Back in the bad old days of the 1980s, hair was big, makeup was loud, and a Christchurch health clinic was torched while an Auckland clinic was threatened with firebombing.

Because the “pro-life” movement couldn’t handle the fact that people who were pregnant and didn’t want to be were obtaining legal, safe abortions in those clinics.

Thank God that was the ’80s, right?

I mean, in 2013 we just have nurses leaving work to discover the fuel lines of their cars have been cut.  And health-related groups receiving mail which urges them to “Help Babies” by sending cute stuff to the Auckland abortion clinic on Dominion Road (if you’re confused by this, the clue is “guilt tripping”).

Ken Orr protests that no one in the anti-choice movement would ever do such a thing because they’re such moral crusaders for life.  Just like Scott Roeder.

Funny, he said the same thing back in October after a threat was received at the Southland abortion clinic and ALRANZ.  Someone even implied the threat was self-generated so ALRANZ could get sympathy.

And I guess the Auckland nurse cut her own fuel line, because as history demonstrates clearly, it’s the pro-choice movement who threaten, intimidate and murder people.

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