Racist Danish MP defenders bingo

By now you’ve probably heard about the Danish MP, Marie Krarup, and her racist little commentary on traditional Māori welcomes.

Hopefully, you’ve been following the sovereign rule of the internet in such matters, i.e. Do Not Read The Comments.  But if you’re as much of a masochist for privileged whining as I am, here’s a handy bingo board which might make the exercise a little more amusing.  Every single square can be hit just in the comments on Breakfast’s Facebook page.

Danish racism bingo

Sadly, I had created this before reading Colin Craig’s “are you really really really sure this isn’t a parody?” defence of Krarup, but on reflection, it’s an entire bingo board of its own, and all of the squares read “Oh my god, you can’t just ask people why they’re so white.”


Bingo squares read, left to right, top to bottom: Māori are naturally angry, listen to Willy and JT on talkback; Don’t blame her, blame her political advisors; She’s not really putting down Māori culture, read between the lines; Māori culture wasn’t meant to be civilised; Danish people are just naturally blunt; There’s way to much Māori culture around anyway; We should stop living in the past and making whitey feel ashamed; Really, who are we to judge?; She’s just one person – getting widespread media coverage; Well it is rude to poke your nose in other people’s faces; She must have just been poorly translated; Even Captain Cook thought Māori were aggressive; FREE SQUARE: I think Danish people are barbaric, so take that!; What about freedom of speech?; Stop forcing your beliefs on the poor white woman!; Can’t we white people take criticism maturely as a country?; You can’t expect her to learn about the culture of a country she’s visiting; You wouldn’t be complaining if Paul Henry said it!; The poor woman just didn’t understand, that’s all; Why can’t we spend more time focusing on European culture?; But powhiri are screamy and scary; Her comments are totally bad – because it’ll damage our tourism industry; Māori are a minority so their culture doesn’t count anyway; Really we should take it as a compliment; Well they did kill the Moriori



  1. dan

    As an employee of her government and representative of her country she should have sucked it up and enjoyed the free trip.

    As individuals however (here is where I go wrong right?), people are free to enjoy (or not) cultural experiences. Some tourists come to NZ to see cultural stuff and some for bungee jumping

    • QoT

      dan, as of this comment I’m going to just assume you’re wilfully missing the point. The good news is that my refusal to publish any more of your flamebait comments will feed that cute little martyr complex you’ve got going.

  2. adam white

    Sorry a typical male response now – Lets invade Denmark and teach those Nazi loving scum a lesson. OK jokes aside, Great bingo board! Wonder who will draw from it next? Kia Kaha QoT.

  3. Mr Wainscotting

    Oh my glob, QoT! You’re stifling her freedom of speech! Don’t you know that means that you have to let everything someone says go completely unchallenged lest you hurt the feelings?!