Random recommended reading

Spider and Me has a great post on the “13-year-old sex workers making $600 a night” issue.

Twitter pulled a good April Fools joke.

The New York Times managed epic fail in its obituary on Yvonne Brill.  I personally hope my own obituary starts:  “She could mix a mean gin and tonic and took eight years off work to pickle herrings  “The world’s greatest wearer of red lipstick,” said the ghost of Marlene Dietrich.”

Japan has had its worst whaling season ever, pretty much because of Sea Shepherd.  Like Idiot/Savant, I’m not really a huge fan, so it’s almost annoying a bunch of dangerously-unprepared amateurs (based on watching say 1 1/2 episodes of Whale Wars) headed by an egomanic liar are so effective where traditional means fail.

Andrew Stephens has done a visual montage of the NZ blogs ranked by Open Parachute.  It’s purty.  But it took me a wee while to find myself!


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  1. K

    Personally I don’t put much stock in any of those blog ratings.
    If you check out ahrefs you can find a more accurate (IMHO) picture of which blogs are the most popular. TheStandard outranks Whaleoil which is more reflective of the number of comments on each site, TS being far more popular.