Lying liars on marriage equality

No one’s surprised: the “ad hoc” group New Zealanders for Heterosexual Cisgendered Marriage is represented by Gordon Copeland, former MP, former failed political party leader.  So it’s “ad hoc” in the sense that Gates McFadden might speak for an “ad hoc” dance group, or David Lynch might be quoted about an “ad hoc” surrealist film.

And their latest ad hoc press release is a marvellously creative work of fiction:

On Wednesday night …approximately 600 people descended on Parliament grounds in a Prayer Vigil to pray for the upholding of the dignity of Marriage. The participants represented a cross-section of society from various Christian traditions and ethnic backgrounds consisting of both young and old alike, to give a united public witness to the belief in the Traditional definition of Marriage.

A cross-section of society … who all incidentally share identical interpretations of certain religious doctrines.  Mmmm, diversity.

Sharing their belief in a Traditional definition of Marriage.  Which isn’t even supported by the holy book of the “various Christian traditions” they claim to follow.

biblical marriage(click to embiggen)

Christian leaders … led prayers and reflections based on Scripture.

Just not the ones cited above.

Each shared the belief that Marriage is a union between a man and a woman not only from a Christian point of view, but also from the witness of other sciences, including reasons based on natural law.

And here’s the bit that pisses me off.  The implication that a “Christian point of view” (a) ignores a hell of a lot of what the Bible says about marriage (b) involves being a fucking bigot and (c) is some kind of universal constant.  Like all these other Christian leaders who support marriage equality are blaspheming demon spawn for taking a different view.

I do have to giggle at the “natural law” bit, though.  Because … seriously.

Still, I guess if you’re going to bald-faced lie about your own holy faith, you may as well lie about science too.


  1. The Surly Mermaid (@_surlymermaid)

    600 supporters my big gay ass. 400 if they were lucky.
    The press release also failed to mention their interpretative dance against the bill. I only wish we’d organised ourselves to respond en masse with the Single Ladies dance. Next time, mark my words.

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  3. Mr Wainscotting

    It really annoys me when they harp on as if not only are they the only True Christians™ (all the Christians I know are very queer friendly), but also as if they have a monopoly on what’s right and wrong, and get to legislate as such. Furthermore, they have the temerity to act as if they’re the ones being slighted by this horrendous offence of not giving them their way all the time.

    There are discussions to be had regarding what marriage means to us as a society, but anyone who thinks it should be restricted to one class of people should be laughed out of the civics class.