Props to Mike King

… for being part of this initiative to talk to communities and young folk about depression and suicide.

It’s been one of my major insta-rage issues since I was a teenager: the constant rhetoric around youth suicide and how we just shouldn’t talk about it because then the stupid teenagers will just copy-cat suicide.

Newsflash:  Kiwi youth are managing to kill themselves just fine without the “encouragement” of people talking about it as a serious issue.

It will never stop baffling me how people will honestly argue that the solution to youth depression and suicide is to make those suffering from depression feel more alone and more ashamed and more like a complete failure – because hey, everyone else is getting along just fine!  They must be fine!  Because they never talk about feeling like crap for no reason at all!  So I must be a giant failure!!!

It’s fucking heartless.

Coincidetally, Youthline Wellington also put out a press release today about their services.  Youthline are boss.  You should think about giving them some money.


  1. Deborah

    You know what scared me about this, Your Majesty? I was told by another mother of teenagers that about 20 teenage kids killed themselves in my town last year, and I had no f^%$n idea about it, so I had no way whatsoever of realising that my daughters and their friends are very much in a risk category. And now that I do know, I can do something about it. Like just keeping an eye on my daughters, and their friends, and being aware that there is a risk, so that I am alert to possible signs that something is going wrong, and I am ready to raise the issue with other parents and teachers.

    But I only got this awareness through the local grapevine. That’s not good enough.