Random recommended reading

A short post on rape prevention by Orlando at Hoyden About Town

When people scoff at the message that we need to teach people not to rape they make the assumption that the lesson goes: “Rape is bad. Don’t do it.” That is not what the lesson looks like.

Is lead in petrol America’s (and the Western world’s) real criminal element? at Mother Jones

A popular science-meme Facebook page is revealed to be the work of a feeeeeeeeemale.  The Internet promptly breaks.

Julie Anne Genter MP on the horrendous proposed Basin flyover and Wellington City Council’s chickenshit antics.

#safetytipsforladies has been one of my favourite things of the past week.  Here’s the highlights.

Mojo Mathers MP on how to spot palm oil in the products you buy.

Ten Tips Guaranteed to Improve your Startup Success