All I’m saying is …

I sure wish I were well-off enough to forget about $50k in an offshore bank account.

Idiot/Savant and marty mars have better-formed thoughts on the subject.

No, it doesn’t make Shearer corrupt.  No, it’s not a rort.  But it is:

  • a very vivid symbol of his membership of an elite – an elite who do not actually have to know instantly how much cash they have on hand – quite unlike the Waitakere Man whose vote he courts
  • another amateur fuckup (paperwork is haaaaaaaaard)
  • a breathtaking illustration of his lack of political instinct.  Did no one in his office think the phrase “offshore account” posed a risk?  Before it became “undeclared offshore account”?  Undeclared offshore United Nations slush fund worth more than 50k, even?


  1. Dan

    I agree with a lot of that except the bit about ‘Waitakere Man’ – aside from much like ‘hipster’ I am not sure ‘Waitakere Man’ exists because the descriptions of who ‘he’ is depend on who you talk to and what their agenda is. Does anyone without a political agenda for instance, identify as ‘Waitakere Man’? The reason I disagree then is that in one of the political interpretations of ‘Waitakere Man’ – the one often used by National to beat Labour about the head with – he WOULD respect Shearer for being cashed-up because Waitakere Man is ‘aspirational’ and, while working class, ADMIRES those with enough ‘guts’ to go out in the world and ‘make something of themselves.’

    This isn’t a criticism of your analysis, its a criticism more of the use of a term which is entirely political, contradictory and meaningless.

    • QoT

      I use it precisely *because* it is contradictory and meaningless. And while I think you’re right about WM being “aspirational”, I think there isn’t the same “bootstraps” mystique around getting paid $500k pa by the United Nations as there is, say, around building $50 million out of Sheer Financial Savvy.

      • Dan

        Yeah, plus, being in the UN is essentially ‘bureaucracy’ too. Something mythical Waitakere Man hates. Despite probably utilizing many of the services that fall ouit from it.