Random recommended reading

Right on cue after Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video on Tropes vs Women is released, here’s an awesome dad who hacked Donkey Kong so his daughter could play as Pauline and rescue Mario instead.

Morgan at Maui Street wants to get more people (of Maaori descent, obviously) to enrol on the Maaori roll.

This poster might make you think differently about policing processed foods because “ew chemicals”.

Respect the Girl Scouts.  And also buy lots of their cookies, because they’re delicious (I know a lot of people have criticisms of the new recipe.  That’s why you buy the chocolate ones and eat them with tea.)

The Little Pakeha has big serious thoughts on The poverty of excess (or why kids are like roads).

The Daily Blog has hit 100,000 pageviews in its first two weeks of operation.  With a whomping 165 comments on my rape culture post I feel entitled to being a little bit chuffed about that.

Liz Bourke has a really really enlightening post up about Realism, (Male) Rape and Epic Fantasy.