Rachel Rayner: Resources for accessing abortion in NZ

Rachel Rayner has a seriously good post up containing a lot of resources for people seeking – or wanting to know more about – abortion in New Zealand.

Isn’t it interesting how, for all their platitudes about “full information”, you don’t see antichoicers actually trying to educate people about this issue?

Rachel also made a great post on the whole decriminalisation issue.  It’s completely past time for a review of our laws around reproductive rights – but I can see a lot of our politicians, even the awesome liberal ones, not necessarily having the stomach for another drawn-out battle with lying, vindictive, panicmongering fundamentalists.

I just hope they can reflect on how great it must have felt to do the right thing in voting for marriage equality, and try to get that buzz again by giving the pregnant people of New Zealand dignity and choice.

(Not to presume that all MPs who are pro-marriage equality are necessarily pro-choice – and not to presume that all MPs who are pro-marriage equality or pro-choice would feel free to vote with their actual consciences, while being bombarded with lies and threats from the fundy scum.)