More scum who oppose marriage equality

You can always spot the brave defenders-of-tradition and stalwart crusaders for morality by the way they anonymously leaflet people’s cars with their lies.

Opponents of same-sex marriage are being slammed for distributing leaflets saying legalising the move will result in more incidences of AIDS and syphilis, and see the end of titles such as “husband and wife”.

The leaflets were placed on cars in Auckland yesterday, including at AUT on the North Shore.

Mind you, I can see the twisted logic in play; if you’re credulous enough to listen to a single thing Bob McCoskrie and Colin Craig say you probably honestly believe that The Gays are only interested in Stealing Marriage so they can Invade Our Churches and Give Our Children Syphilis, because that’s exactly what fundy conservatives tell their followers.

Only they use words like “special rights” and “liberal sex education” to do it.

In other news, gosh!  Conservatives actually design and manipulate research to get the answers they want!  No way!

Mark Regnerus has admitted his “family structures” study didn’t actually measure gay parenting, comparing the children of separated parents who had same-sex relationships with those of married opposite-sex parents. An internal auditor of the journal that published the Regnerus study last year concluded its findings were “bullshit” because this false comparison doesn’t adequately measure same-sex parenting.

For those not in the mood for clicking, here’s a taster of the “bullshit” article:

[Sherkat] found that its definition of “lesbian mothers” and “gay fathers” — as any parent who had any relationship of any length of time with a person of the same sex — was so “extremely misleading” that it should have “disqualified it immediately.”

I’ve made out with a woman, ergo when I have kids I will be classified as a “lesbian mother”.  Sounds legit.

Someone remind me again, what does the Christian holy book have to say on the subject of being a lying judgemental sanctimonious git?