Gender and the census part 2

Others have posted on the 2013 Census gender issue.  Read them!

Atheist Pinko Sluts Monthly notes the actual, stated reason why “male” is listed above “female”: because people get too confused if “female” is listed first.  What does that tell you about entrenched social programming?

Ironbark notes the problems from a health perspective – the census gender options don’t actually provide compatible data!

Jan Logie MP wants to campaign for more options.  Given that the business case for the next census in 2018 is going to Cabinet in November this year, I’m thinking we may be in for the long haul.

Badtom on Twitter pretty much sums up the silliness of saying that gender diversity isn’t relevant:

We COULD offer non-binary sex options, but that isn’t relevant for most people. Now, question 17: do you have a fax machine?