Homosexuality is unnatural!!!

It’s a common catch-cry of the lesser spotted homophobe:  homosexuality just isn’t natural because babies.

And it’s no good trying to convince them with the many, many documented instances of homosexuality in animal species, because we’re dealing with bigoted assholes who don’t even really believe what they say; their goal is really just to bully everyone into following their personal lifestyle choices by any means necessary.

But just for fun, next time you’re confronted with the “it’s not natural” argument, consider dropping this into the conversation:

Scientists have been studying the males of a particular species of Amazonian frog.  During that time of the season, the males just get so darn vigorous that often they accidentally drown the female they’re all trying to hump.

At which point they give her a good ol’ squeeze to get her eggs out and jizz on them, thus completing the Circle of Necrophiliac Life.

That’s fucking natural, that is.  And you can’t argue with Nature.



  1. Russell Lee

    Lions copulate with their family members. Alligators eat their young. Sharks perform inter-uterine cannibalism. Ahhh ‘natural’.

  2. Moz's House

    Heh. Froggy necrophilia.

    My one with the animal lib people was that wearing clothes is not natural. You’re think they’d be all over that one, this lot being against milk, meat, fur, vaccines and aeroplanes (but not cars, they drove to the event). At which point I discovered we weren’t having an argument, just an exchange of slogans. Bah!

  3. Rob F

    I don’t know who first said this, but “Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?”

    • NickS

      Heh, that line of reasoning is so fun to abuse :3

      I ❤ confusing and cluebatting with basic philosophy.

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