Mansplaining, now with exciting Twitter plugin!

So I wrote a post about 3News’ racist coverage of the whole should-non-New-Zealanders-be-allowed-to-buy-land issue.  This was retweeted by @Ellipsister.  Cool!  I like being retweeted.

Enter Mark Hubbard, who replies:

@Ellipsister @qot_nz Not racist, but xenophobic, and luddite economics. Greens need to answer these questions: [link redacted]

Whoa!  Did you see that, dear readers?  If I didn’t know better, I’d think Mark hadn’t even bothered to read my post!  The clue is where he says “Not racist, but xenophobic”, which is kind of exactly what I had said and then links to his thoughts on the issue, which have nothing to do with how issues of nationalism and sovereignty are framed in racist terms, nothing to do with anti-Asian prejudice, really just nothing to do with anything I was talking about.

So I asked Mark,

@MarkHubbard33 So … Not one to bother reading the post before linkspamming?

And oh lord, dear readers.  I’d gone and done it, hadn’t I?  I’d questioned the big powerful libertarian dude about his bizarre need to hawk his unrelated point of view at people who had shown not a single jot of interest in the topic he was talking about.  I’d challenged the idea that he had a right to butt in and completely ignore the fact that I’d already expressed some silly little opinions on Topic A, because dammit, I needed to understand his perspective on Topic B!!!

Hell, I’d basically invited his linkspam because that’s totally how the internet works.

Also, it is 100% my fault that he’s earned a lifetime ban from The Standard, because, you know, we’re a leftwing hivemind and dammit we need to understand his perspective and it’s illiberal (apparently Mark’s favourite word) to ban him.

(For fun, I had a look at his comment history at TS, apparently under the handle “Tribeless“: who knew sprout wouldn’t take kindly to being compared to a mass murderer after giving repeated warnings about derailing posts?  What an injustice!  Five hours after the fact, Mark came up with a hilarious Stalin reference which he also felt the need to share.)

Also, I’m foul-mouthed!  Fuck!  Why the fuck did none of you shitwanks bloody well tell me?

Here’s the deep sexy analysis bit:  Mark is a dude.  A white dude.  With white dudely privilege.  So for his entire life, he’s been absorbing societal narratives which are pretty clear on the fact that his opinion should always count, his voice should always be heard, and  when women have the audacity to talk, and retweet each other, he has every right to insert his 2 cents on a completely different topic.

And by doing so, he is of course being completely civil – because any behaviour on his part must be acceptable if it doesn’t actively involve physically attacking people with swords while screaming “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck”.

White male privilege:  I think Mark Hubbard haz it.


    • Mark Hubbard (@MarkHubbard33)

      [QoT: For the record, I don’t care why you were banned from Red Alert, and I’m not turning my blog into a platform for you, and sad little reverse-psychology jibes about freedom of speech will not aid your cause.

      As for your smug statements about not moderating your own blog, congratulations! You are clearly not subject to the regular harassment and threats of rape and death which women bloggers get! How’s that male privilege working out?]