Mental pain

Rob Gilchrist is probably the greatest living New Zealander.  Out of brash patriotism and fervent desire to protect our nation from enemies foreign and domestic, he shouldered the burden of earning $600 a week cash to nark on Greenpeace, animal rights activists, anti-war protesters, unions, and that most terrifying of terrorist cells, the Green Party.  Of particular interest to our brave boys in blue was the Grey Lynn festival, a known hangout spot for religious extremists, dangerous criminals, and Satan.

Among the very important information about clear and present threats to New Zealand’s national security provided to the Police by Gilchrist were nude photos of a teenage activist.

What a fucking hero.

His crusade against the forces of evil was tragically ended when he asked his computer-savvy partner to fix his computer, without backing up and deleting years of emails to and from his police handlers, or his porn collection, first.

On being outed as a dishonest scumbag, he protested that honestly, all the people he informed on were “good people trying to make a better world”.  Which is probably why a lot of them remember him as the #1 shit-stirrer and dude-who-was-always-shoving-security-officers-and-egging-people-on-to-commit-criminal-acts.

Now, Rob Gilchrist thinks he deserves over half a million dollars to compensate him, including 100k for “factors such as distress and humiliation”.

Are you serious bro?

Are you serious bro?

I won’t say that Rob Gilchrist isn’t really depressed, or that he’s faking mental illness.  Hell, if you’re predisposed to depression then I can only imagine living a complete lie for ten years and then being found out as a liar, an agent provocateur, and a fucking sleazebag could easily aggravate that.

What I will say?  Is that of everyone involved in this story, Rob Gilchrist is just about the last fucking person who deserves compensation for distress and humiliation.

Rob Gilchrist betrayed people’s trust.  He not only betrayed their trust, he actively worked to encourage them to do more extreme actions than they were comfortable with.  He took nude photos of unconsenting and unconscious women and sent at least one to his police handlers with a dirty joke attached.  He played a significant part in a very dark, disturbing chapter of New Zealand law enforcement, which treated mildly unlawful protest (OMG THEY’RE SITTING DOWN IN OUR LOBBYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! THEY BROKE INTO OUR BARN AND ACCURATELY FILMED THE CONDITIONS INSIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!) like it was tantamount to car-bombings and political assassination.  He threw other people under the bus to hide his tracks.

I’m sure he suffers mental pain after such a catalogue of douchebaggery.  But compared to the people he screwed over for $600 a week?  Go fuck yourself for once, Rob.


  1. Josh

    Out of interest, do you support compensation for breaches of prisoners rights? I am genuinely curious, because the same argument is made against compensation for them: they have committed horrible acts, therefore they do not deserve compensation for breach of rights.

    • QoT

      Rob Gilchrist was not a prisoner.

      Prisoners are held at the command of the state. Because the state should be better than the people it judges, it sets minimum standards for the treatment of those it incarcerates.

      Rob Gilchrist may well have been under a lot of pressure to act as an informant, but he was not a prisoner of the state. He was not compelled against his will. He was compensated – pretty bloody well – and he did not limit himself to the role he was assigned. He was a sexual predator and an agent provocateur and he clearly chose to perform those acts.

      For him to now say that *he* is depressed, without a single word written or single apology issued to the people *he* victimised, is a fucking joke, and to me, not in the least comparable to the compensation awarded prisoners whose human rights are violated.

      A tip? Using phrases like “I am genuinely curious” in an attempt to look like you’re not flame-baiting just makes you look flame-baiting.

  2. K

    Looks as though he enjoyed this type of work and got a kick out of duping people.
    Wonder if he is getting legal aid?

  3. Jenny

    Gilchrist paid by the police to collect discrediting, embarrassing, and blackmail evidence against protesters and has now turned this singular knack for treachery against his handlers.

    They must be quiet peeved.

    The irony is, their blackmailer who was being paid and encouraged by right wing police commanders to collect and manufacture evidence for blackmail and smears against leftists. In doing so, gained dirt on them.

    No doubt, to hide their corruption and keep their dirty dealings and identities secret, to protect themselves these corrupt police commanders will have to give in to their blackmailer, of their own creation. Gilchrist is likely to have more success blackmailing his handlers for the half a million dollars he has now demanded.

    Evidence of a deal, will be when Gilchrist quietly drops his case for damages against the police.

    For these already corrupt police commanders, as it is not their money, this will be easy. That it is ours, is probably the greatest irony of all.

    Leaving these corrupt police commanders free to keep receiving their salaries and continue their rotten careers unhindered and unshamed, in secrecy. The irony is that by hiding this corruption inside the police force, by buying Gilchrist’s silence, these individuals have succeeded not in smearing all protesters but in smearing all police.

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