No surprise on Novopay

Via No Right Turn:

Talent2 has found it more difficult and more expensive to deliver on its contract commitments than it originally estimated, but this does not mean the ministry must accept a higher price or a reduced scope.

Gosh, it’s so hard to understand how that could have happened.  It’s like there’s some kind of process where companies are encouraged to bid as low as possible for contracts so current managers can get a big tick on their budgets, then sod off to the next debacle.  Or maybe form a consulting company.

Meanwhile, MOE can’t even redact its documents properly – and that doesn’t really matter because not all the redacting in the universe would apparently be enough to hide the fail.

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  1. Chris Miller

    The stupid thing is, pretty much all major computer projects like this one go beyond initial costs and have unexpected problems. Most clued in people factor this in and make sure they don’t sign off on it before it’s all fixed.