The real war on women is making shit up, volume 2

Clearly the anti-choicers have received their talking points, and hot on the heels of FLI’s pack of lies, Right to Life has jumped up to declare we have to “protect” women (his way of saying “pregnant people”).

Just think about that.

We have to “protect” pregnant people … from choosing to have a medical procedure they want to have.  From taking control of their own bodies.  From a decision which, by the time they’ve jumped through the hoops of our legal system, I think we can be pretty damn sure they want to make.

Exactly what kind of mindset do you have to have about pregnant people – in your narrow-minded worldview, “women” – that you declare that they must be “protected” from actions they choose to take?

Exactly who are you addressing if  “women” – over 50% of the population – are merely the objects who need to be protected?

And exactly how strong can your arguments be if you have to consistently use American antichoice talking points lie about iconic lawsuits to back them up?