The real war on women is making shit up

If you can find a single verifiable statement in this media release by Family Lies International, I will give you a cookie.

The absolute beauty of it, though, is that its writers act like dangerous unlawful abortions, reduced numbers of abortion providers, and people’s deaths are all part of some magical, context-free societal rejection of abortion.

Not, you know, the concerted efforts of organisations like FLI to incrementally destroy access to early, safe abortions.  Not their constant campaigns to stigmatise people who have had abortions – and aren’t sufficiently guilt-ridden.  Not the blatant, bald-faced lies they use to con pregnant people into their “centres” where they’re bullied and bombarded with emotional blackmail into continuing pregnancies they do not want, cannot afford, and which may kill them.

Not medical professionals being assassinated by those who call themselves “pro-life”.

The war on women?  Apparently, it’s abortion.  A set of medical procedures safer than pregnancy.  An act which has actually been a pretty normal part of human reproduction for centuries.

What a fucking joke, right?

The war on women – rather, on all people who can get pregnant, which in the minds of anti-choicers equals “women” – is being waged by organisations like FLI.  Organisations which want to take choice away from us, take control of our bodies away from us, make us less important than the potential contents of our wombs, kill us, and which have the gall to tell us they’re doing us a favour in the process.

Mrs Colleen Bayer, National Director of the NZ branch of FLI, is a commanding officer in the war on women.  She will lie, she will distort, she will make shit up if it means women – that is, all people who can get pregnant – are constrained, limited, controlled by her personal “morality” and forced to live in line with her personal beliefs.

She will tell you that “Many abortionists and clinic staff are leaving their jobs” because they’ve “realised they’re hurting women”, and pay no attention to the corpse of Dr Tiller behind the curtain.

She will tell you “The negative effect of abortion on women mentally and physically cannot be denied” and expect you to ignore the fact that she and all her “compassionate” friends work day in and day out to create an environment where pregnant people are shamed, guilt-tripped and bullied for exercising their right to bodily autonomy.

She will conflate the deaths of people who felt they had no other choice with “so-called safe abortion” – but don’t expect her to actually acknowledge the ZERO death rate from abortion in New Zealand, or that earlier abortions – which she and her organisation aim to delay – are even safer.

Colleen Bayer is the war on women and pregnant people.  And I personally don’t know how the fuck she sleeps at night.


  1. Andrensath

    Well, um, it’s true that a day earlier ALRANZ called for abortion to be decriminalised, but that’s about it.

  2. Josh

    “Yes, 40 years after Roe v Wade, and 35 years after the last reform of New Zealand’s abortion law, it is time for a re-think”

    I think that is true: although me and Colleen would probably disagree on exactly what a ‘rethink’ entails.