Poe’s Law: when you can’t tell if it’s cognitive dissonance or trolling

Well, that’s not actually Poe’s Law, which is about distinguishing satire from the real thing, but I am sadly uninformed as to whether a similar trolling-or-just-incoherent Law of internet arguments exists.  Answers on the back of a red sportscar.

Point is, it kicked in when reading a blazingly bizarre post on a blog which, yes, will sadly go unlinked because ewwww.  This blog claims to campaign for truth, justice and the Australian/New Zealand way, whatever that is, on behalf of people like Peter Ellis.

And this blog, when you point out that using the term “rent-boy” to describe Cameron Slater is homophobic, anti-sex-worker, and just plain lazy, makes statements like:

If in the process of outing crimes against humanity it means we here at Lauda Finem need to continue using non PC language such as  ”Fuck Tard”, “rent-boy”” and “Cunts” to spread the message so be it.

Thing is, deep down I’m quite a positive person.  I dearly want to believe that the writers of this blog are just really, really passionate about their cause to the exclusion of all else.  (Their positive mentions of Micael Lhaws stretches this belief somewhat.)

So it just makes me sad that while stridently defending someone like Peter Ellis, a man who was persecuted and vilified primarily because he was Teaching Kindergarten While Gay And Male, they honestly don’t seem to understand how demeaning, oppressive language like that is part of the very system they’re railing against.

Or they’re just trolls.  It’s probably the more likely answer.