Beautiful trifecta: Moff’s Law, Victorian art and snarking PUAs

Moff’s Law states, in a roundabout way, that critical discussions of art and entertainment will inevitably attract a commenter who says something like “it’s just a [book/movie/TV show/artwork], why do you have to analyse it???” and further that said commenter should shut the fuck up.

Because analysing art and entertainment actually makes it more fun for a lot of people.

Today’s fantastic example of this comes from Tumblr:

She is upset, devastated in a way that one is only when someone has died. And the guy’s still bothering her, like her problems are flippant bullshit and she needs to just smile or pay attention to him because ladies are supposed to be pleasing for men no matter what shit they’re going through.

19th-century art as a gateway to critiquing the “pick-up artist” movement.  Brilliant.

H/T Manboobz