A pretty bouquet!

I was directed to this post by “Cactus Kate” from comments on The Standard, and was highly flattered:

[QoT] must surely now defeat myself as the owner of the most invective of any New Zealand female blogger.  This year definitely.  Her anger is unmatched here.  I cannot compete.  Bless the earth if you got on the wrong side of that before noon on a weekday.

Fear my scary anger!

But it’s the sentence before that which really caught my eye:

Contrary to rumour I am not blogging as the ultra-potty mouth QoT.

I sincerely hope this isn’t just self-aggrandizing on “Cactus Kate’s” part, because if this rumour exists, I want to find the person who started it and buy them a drink.


    • QoT

      Maybe not an *expensive* drink. But it’d be worth the chuckle. Unless he (or whoever it was) were serious. That would just be seriously bizarre.