NZ’s racist history deniers also love rape culture!

By a bizarre twist of boredom and schadenfreud over the holidays, I wound up on John Ansell’s godawfully laid out blog.

Matthew Dentith is my go-to guy for “why John Ansell is ridiculously full of shit“, and I’m certainly not keen on getting into the racist revisionist circlefucks that are the trademark of that terrifying narrow-margined (and narrow-minded! BURN!) sewer.

But something caught my eye.

Amidst a long, rambling, no-actual-citations-given-’cause-that-would-be-Marxist-or-something account of TERRIBLE HISTORICAL INACCURACIES!!!! PERPETRATED BY GUILTY WHITE LIBERALS!!!! there’s this fascinating little paragraph on Parihaka:

Were Parihaka women
raped, or did they go with
the troopers voluntarily?

Whether Parihaka women were actually raped will never be established for certain.

Because believing the accounts of women themselves – especially poor brown women – is radical.  And probably Marxist.  But definitely not Proper History.

But that many were rejected by their husbands when they returned from captivity suggests, to me at least, that they were only too ready to accept troopers’ advances.

Fantastic analysis!  Brilliant conclusions!  Irrefutable proposition!

Because men throughout history have never blamed their wives for getting raped.  Men throughout history have never rejected their wives after rape.  There is absolutely no historical precedent for entire societies treating rape victims like fucking pariahs, seeing the rape which someone else chose to commit as a stain on survivors’ souls.

Thank the gods we have brave, clever men like John Ansell (and his buddy Bruce Moon, whose words are the copypasta of Ansell’s post) to point out that men rejecting their wives totes proves their wives were sluts.

It’s just another courageous, forward-thinking insight which goes against the evil Marxist mainstream propaganda of modern New Zealand.

Now if anyone needs me, I’ll be over there throwing up a little.


  1. Rogue Trooper

    There is one cause of rape culture; rapists! (a graphic of demographics violations /reports / investigations /prosecutions came thru on my news feed? graphic demonstration of perpetuation

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