Ideologically Impure’s top 5 posts of 2012

Retrospectives are totally the cool thing to do at this time of year, so based on my glorious WordPress stats, the top 5 posts of 2012 on Ideologically Impure were:

1. Finland, Finland, Finland

Because everyone loves snarky WWII macros, apparently.

2. Phil Twyford, taking a truly brave stand on marriage equality

Honestly, with the Bill already looking to be over the hurdle, and with even John fucking Banks in favour of it (apparently making an actual sacrifice, lifting his party’s actual principles over his personal beliefs), I’m just so not giving any applause on this one.

3.  Blogging parasite reporting for duty

John Armstrong basically tries to denigrate Gordon Campbell and Bryce Edwards by referring to them as mere bloggers, throws his toys out of the cot and demands we tell him he’s a good little journalist.  He’s not.  He has the immense privilege of getting his opinion published for money in one of the major newspapers of our country, he gets paid to hang out with our elected leaders, and for all that he can’t fucking hack a little statement-of-the-obvious about how NZ media in general report on international politics.

4.  Labour dudes: shut up please and let Louisa Wall lead you to victory

You know what, Stuart?  The “melee” of the marriage equality bill happened because people give a shit about it.  Because ordinary people on their own mobilisedFacebook pages and got out there on Twitter and created hilarious memes and challenged the Conservative/Family First bullshit right where it was happening, on Facebook, in Stuff comments, on the grounds of Parliament.

People with no Party resources or history of organisation to back them up.  People who cared, who found that this issue, rather than a somewhat highbrow economic discussion of minimum wage vs unemployment, rather than a bill on asset sales which seems superfluous given they’re already out there collecting signatures, was something they could really hold on to.  Something that mattered to them, even the heterosexuals.

5.  The easy way to spot misogynists and feel good about your feminism

It’s one of the great ironies of being a feminist blogger.  People will furiously insist that there’s no such thing as sexism in our society, women are equal, the pay gap’s a lie …

And then just to tear you down they’ll make it clear that the very worst thing you can tell a woman is that she’s not a real woman.  Because she likes softball and wears Doc Martens.  (Oh, and also is fat, but for now I’ll just refer that to this previous post of mine.)

Please note: for the sake of producing a genuine top 5 I have tragically been forced to eliminate another high-ranking post, because a large part of its popularity is, literally, due to getting linked to from multiple TradeMe forum threads by people who did not comprehend it was satirical.

I weep briefly for our nation’s youth, etc.

Honorable mentions

Ideologically Impure hit a fairly awesome milestone this year, with POST 500, PEOPLE.  Some of my other favourite me-moments of the year were:

The thin end of the wedge: art edition

Paul Young is hopeful they’ll “sway” the issue – i.e. the exhibit will be “canned” and no one will be allowed to see it.  Because Muslim women’s ability to have private spaces and interactions outside the male gaze is that fucking threatening, apparently.

Evil yoof drinking again

We have a problematic drinking culture in this country.  It is shown whenever someone suggests lowering the drink driving limit and the rural sector suddenly explode because how dare we transgress against a man’s right to shear a hundred sheep, get off-his-face on Speights, and then drive home with a 50/50 risk of killing another human being.

The privilege of real-name blogging

You’ve got the privilege of being a person in a career, in a social position, in a financial situation, which mean that stating your personal political biases for the world to see doesn’t pose you any risk.

Make your own “Shearer Says”!

This week I’ve been in [ insert location].  The people there are [hard-working/real] New Zealanders with a great sense of [fairness/justice/community/family].  But they’re [having a hard time/losing their jobs/worried] because of [insert recent National policy implementation].

Sexuality education: the inevitable reveal of the real goal, and did someone say CLITORIS?

NO! DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS!  Instincts are Satan’s way of telling you to ignore the righteous path, which involves (a) endangering yourself and (b) lying to yourself and everyone else about your inner feelings.  He’s all about love, y’know?

Fighting the patriarchy in lipstick vol. 1 (and vol. 2)

What the anti-”choice feminist” people want to say, though, is that my wearing of high heels might be fine and dandy, oh, they might be magnanimous enough to tolerate my collaborator’s footwear, but don’t I dare claim that wearing high heels is a feminist action.

Because you know, I do that all the time.

And of course I’d better be okay with being called “stupid”, and I’d better be okay with people questioning my feminist credentials because I’m obviously too selfish/superficial to understand that High Heels Are Tools Of The Man.

If you insist: Shearer’s speech was a shambles

[Ed. note: and he hasn’t fucking improved since then, people]

And please, someone shoot whoever thought that it made any sense to say “We need a completely new New Zealand. We’ll have a plan, Day One, etc etc, but I don’t have the plan right now, but if I had to summarise, I’d say we need a new New Zealand.”

Roll on 2013, people.


  1. PoliticallyCorrect (@PoliticallyCoNZ)

    Heh 😉 and nice post! So, if we’re doomed to be lead by A+ dunning-kruger types (see wikipedia), what’s the answer? …because they don’t listen when they get their shiny asses in the posh seats… This guy ( who crowd sourced Iceland’s new constitution – and incidentally helped get their banksters jailed – is coming to NZ in March. No doubt his message is something to consider?!

    There’s also the way Switzerland run their (almost) direct democracy, which I like too, mainly because it takes the big decisions out of the hands of the politicians, i.e. fuck your “we have a mandate” (with less than 50% of the vote…)

    As an aside, it would help end many corporate run agendas we see in government policy, one being the tragic failure of the war on drugs and (dictated by the US/UN), the TPP and almost constant war which our troops are dragged into. Shame dear leader thought going to his son’s baseball game was more important than the funerals of three soldiers… i.e. not the kind of man I want any where near me, never mind running the fucking country.


    Either way, enjoyed the post and well said on the ‘real name’ blogging – I’d never work again if ‘they’ knew…

  2. MeToo

    Wow, how did I miss the Labour Dudes post and comments first time around?? It’s a classic!

    See, there is a point to best of compilations 😉

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