It is just so damn difficult not to rape drunk people

[Trigger warning: rape, rape apologism]

Via Hoyden About Town, Skepchick Rebecca Watson has once again used terrible woman-powers to infuse otherwise innocent words with TERRIBLE MAN-HATING MEANING.

Last time it was “Hey guys, don’t do that.”  Or in FeministSpeak, “you are all rapists and you are never allowed to find true love by following women into elevators at 3am after they’ve expressly stated they’re going to bed.  Alone.”

This time it’s the slightly more complex “If you fucked someone who couldn’t consent, it was rape.

In FeministSpeak, that’s … well, “If you fucked someone who couldn’t consent, it was rape.”

Difficult concept, I know.

But of course Rebecca was instantly flooded with the wailings and gnashings of teeth of men who insisted that it couldn’t be rape because then how could they ever fuck incapacitated drunk chicks ever again?

Dudes:  it’s these priorities that make feminists super sceptical about putting trust in your entire gender.

If getting your end away is just that important to you – more important than taking half a second to consider the state of the person you’re getting your end away on – then yes, sorry, you’re a fucking rapist.

Let it sink in, feel the bad feelings, and then consider that if you’ve got a history of doing this – and some guys, as you can see on Rebecca’s post, brag about doing this – sure, you feel awful for having fucked up, but there’s another person – or multiple people – out there who were raped by you.

No magical fairy godfeminist is going to appear to reverse time and make that all go away if you @-reply her enough.  So I suggest the best thing you could do – if you’re actually a sincere nice guy who made a mistake – is never fucking do it again.

But you know what, actual Good Dudes out there?  I get the feeling you’re not actually the ones making the fuss.  You’re not the ones crying out at the injustice of having to get someone’s consent before fucking them.  Because you’re not so invested in rape culture, so desperate to propagate ideas which make all those rapes you haven’t committed continue to go unpunished.

What you can do?  Is call this shit out.  Because sadly, it’s going to have a lot more impact coming from a guy.

That’s patriarchy for you.


  1. CodyHM

    Sadly so many guys seem to think that just because they have a penis that gives them an excuse to sexually assault women, whether it’s the old “she was drunk” “she was dressed provocatively” “I couldn’t help myself” excuse, it’s fucking disgusting. Having a penis does NOT give you the right to just stick it wherever you feel like. Makes me sick. I may copy this and make a post on my blog, if that’s cool QoT?

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