I thought no one read blogs anyway

So, hot on the heels of “senior” Labour MPs telling everyone who had a microphone and would listen that blogs are meaningless shrill hives of scum and villainy, a “senior” Labour MP may now be trying to impose sanctions on party members who comment on blogs.  In the way said senior MP doesn’t like.

Did someone mention there was meant to be an invigorated, principled, forward-thinking Labour Party somewhere around here?

At least one commenter on The Standard has had to bid farewell (at least to that pseudonym) to the discussion on the grounds of a real, concrete threat to their privacy and identity.  lprent, whom I trust on such issues, strongly advises against commenting at all on Red Alert unless you have “cast-iron anonymity”.

Hey, Brian Edwards.  Paying attention?  Probably not, none of us are using our real names.

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  1. Rhinocrates

    Ah Brian Edwards… the kind of comfortable, sclerotic liberal who is a liberal until he’s challenged, and then suddenly he’s not a liberal after all.

    Fairweather friends who are more interested in proving that they’re in with their cliche… Well, I’ve known too many of them all too well.

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  3. peterlepaysan

    I do not know who the senior labour MP is who is upset about blogging MPs but I recall being censored on Red Alert after posting a very polite, factual post.
    My response to be being censored was not polite.

    As a result I I got told off by one Curran, who apparently was unaware that I been censored by one Spud.

    Free speech is not valued by the NZ Labour Party.

    There is a regular poster on various blogs who is a very senior Labour Party member.

    I am certain that various MPs of all political stripes post regularly on various sites.

    A certain Labour Party member needs to grow up.