John Tamihere: for a Greens/Mana government in 2017

So John Tamihere has been allowed to re-enter the Labour Party, and got off to a cracking start with a truly original, ground-breaking jab at Paula Bennett’s weight.


I know the expected reaction from a horrid deconstructionist feminist like myself is horror, outrage, repugnance, a vow to never vote Labour ever again.  But in all honesty?  I feel a little bit sad for the insecure prick.

I mean, look at this quote, people:

“Look, I don’t have to get on with these people. I’m joining the Labour Party. I’m not joining the ‘Women’s Party’, I’m not joining the ‘Union Party’, I’m not joining the ‘Gay Party’, I’m joining the Labour Party.

“They’re going to have to get on with some people like us, people like me who reflect quite a large demographic on that side of the voter turnout.”

There is a man who honestly believes that any focus on women’s issues, on gay rights, and apparently on unionised workers is somehow “not getting on” with “people like [him]”.  Who thinks that it’s bad that Labour might get a rep as a party which gives a hoot about progressive issues.

(The fact he thinks “the Union Party” is as bad a slur as “the Gay Party” is a little puzzling. Um, John, you do know how the Labour Party got started, right?  The clue is in the name.)

John Tamihere is basically a stereotype of a pampered, privileged juvenile who thinks any conversation which isn’t about him is a waste of time.  Any activism which doesn’t benefit him is unfair.

He also apparently hasn’t read the constitution of the party he just fought to re-enter, but I guess as long as Damien O’Connor and Su’a William Sio are allowed to stay he can’t be faulted for that.

But look at him.  Look at how he’s all chest-puffed out about His Right To His Opinions … but completely dodges the question of whether he’s homophobic:

“That’s your view. I’m welcome to my views too.”

Yes, you are, John, but if you’re going to be campaigning for political office – and I personally doubt he’s gone to all this effort without aiming for a seat – it might be helpful for potential voters to know what your views are.  Unless, you know, all this talk about the “quite large demographic” you apparently represent is actually bullshit, and you are actually aware that heterosexual urban Maaori dudes are quite capable of supporting gay marriage or paid parental leave without thinking it threatens their masculinity.

I mean, I get that you’re constantly fighting to show what a big alpha male you are, John, but plenty of other people are able to just get on with their lives and figure out that when we all work together towards common goals of equality and fairness, everyone benefits.

But it’s okay, John.  I understand.  You just weren’t getting enough attention any more so you grasped at whatever straws you thought would get you the opportunity to call someone “fat” in the newspaper.

The actual problem is that the Labour Party let you back in, and will probably do something completely fucking stupid like push out Carmel Sepuloni to give you a run at Waitakere.

In the end, though?  I think giving a retrogade egoist like yourself oxygen can only do good things for the wider progressive/left movement.  Roll on Greens/Mana 2017.

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