Banning abortion kills women (sorry, “lets them die”)

This is simply the inevitable outcome of “pro-life” thinking:  denying a woman medical treatment because her foetus – a foetus which is going to die anyway – is more important than she is.

Because “pro-life” attitudes result in laws which value a dying foetus over a live woman.  Because “pro-life” laws create situations where doctors – people who, “pro-lifers” are so fond of telling us, are Sworn To Do No Harm – are so afraid of the legal consequences, so bound by illogical, irrational regulations (and, depending on how you read that “this is a Catholic country” comment, so married to their personal religious beliefs) that they will stand by while a woman goes through incredible pain and dies.

Because hey, the doomed foetus had a fuckin’ heartbeat, people.  And we know how much pro-lifers love heartbeats.  As long as they belong to a foetus, of course, and not a living, breathing, thinking, loved woman.

Who is now dead.  Because antichoicers imposed their morality on her even at the expense of her life in the name of a going-to-die-anyway foetus.

It’s just so fucking ridiculous, so fucking illogical, it almost makes you wonder whether the motivations of “pro-lifers” are really what they claim.

Or, you know, they could just actually hate women.

PS.  Not all women can get pregnant; not all pregnant people are women.

PPS. Oh, and yes, this happens in New Zealand, too.  The circumstances are less clear – maybe a whole lot of doctors simply forgot how to practise medicine well, instead of maliciously endangering a woman’s life for the sake of a foetus – but whatever the case, this should never happen to anyone.

Update: This article gives some more horrifying context to the bullshit situation of abortion in Ireland.


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