Alison McCulloch on paid parental leave

Alison McCulloch has it exactly right:  those opposed to extending paid parental leave are pretty much just meanies.

Another side of the argument which always gets me is a pretty simple one:  who exactly do the naysayers expect will be funding their superannuation?

Go into any article on paid parental leave and there’ll be screeds of judgemental wankers sounding off about how “if you can’t afford to take unpaid time off your career with no guarantee of being able to retain your job YOU JUST SHOULDN’T HAVE CHILDREN!!!”

If we limit all childbearing to the families who can afford to live permanently on one income … well, all I’m saying is that I hope you douchebags are pro-the immigration which’ll be necessary to keep our population up.


  1. MJ

    I also especially like the commenters (and this extends to pretty much any mention of the DPB, ever) who freak out about how “they don’t want their tax dollars wasted on women who can’t keep their legs shut”.

    Because apparently women of childbearing age don’t pay tax, or something?

    • QoT

      Well, only if we’ve failed in our she-demon goals of hooking an Alpha Male and stealing his seed so we can live the high life without breaking our nails.

  2. ethel the aardvark

    More specifically on one income earned by a *man* with a *guarantee of ongoing employment*. Because heaven knows there’s no point in women going back to work! And there’s no households where a woman out earns a man! Not in anti-PPL land.